Widely misconceptualized in popular science…

The Beautiful Ingenuity of Parallel Worlds

Quantum Physics Explained Intuitively from the Ground Up

2 splatters of paint on the canvas
Don’t try this at home, kids.
Left: The wave through slit 1. Right: The wave through slit 2.
Combined wave through slits 1 and 2
Waves adding up makes BIGGER WAVES 🌊 (AKA constructive interference, for the physics nerds)
The peak of one wave cancels out with the trough of the other wave (AKA destructive interference)
We call this a “wave interference pattern.” Hope you are still following along.
Side view to help you put things into perspective

What’s the Significance?

The wave interference pattern you see on the wall

What is a Wave?

Cross section of a paint wave
Electron orbitals are wave functions, or “probability clouds”: They have higher amplitudes near the nucleus, and lower amplitudes far from the nucleus. This equates to a higher chance of electrons being near the nucleus, and a lower chance of being far from the nucleus. Source

The Measurement Problem

The Inherent Randomness of Quantum Physics

Entanglement Explained

Parallel Worlds

Closing Thoughts

Have you seen how breathtakingly elegant this is… Source



Quantum software intern @ Zapata Computing. More work: lauragao.ca

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